How to become famous on Instagram?

Our 3 day step-by-step how-to

Wrote for you by the team of Instagram marketing professional who helped grow hundreds of Instagram accounts zero to hundreds of thousands real followers and drive strong sales through Instagram.

Follow those easy yet powerful steps and you’ll start gaining traffic, likes and followers to your Instagram account in just three days.

Day one

Come up with your unique style and content

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Popular accounts find a certain subject and stick to it. Find the niche you can be best in, not just good. Analyze your posts and find out the most popular of them, think what made them succeed. Try to repeat the success with your new post and maybe you’ll find your own style. Don’t write a boring post description, tell an ongoing story in the comment to your post instead. Make several posts to test your ideas and find out what worked the best. Be creative, don’t just copy successful competitors. Once you found your style, delete the rest of your feed and fill it with 15-20 of your best posts. Now you ready for the next step.

Day two

Discover your target audience

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We recommend you to make sure that you’re reaching your target audience. Find relevant niche hashtags and geotags. Whatever your market is, there are events related to it. Conferences, seminars, fairs, festivals, announcements,shows… Find the events hashtags. Then continue with hobbies or interests that are relevant to your business, you will find lot’s of niche hashtags people use. Then see who’s following your competitors. Your target audience is already engaging with your competitors. Go to your competitors profiles, click followers and find out what you audience posts, what geotags and hashtags they use. You’ll need all of those hashtags and geotags on Day three.

Day three

Make your account more reliable and get your Instagram posts noticed

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Make your account reliable. Newcomers to your Instagram account will be more inclined to follow you if they see that your content is already popular among other users. Basically account with the same content having 30,000 followers is more likely to be followed than the one having only 300 followers. The problem is people really struggle to get first 1000-10000 followers, but after reaching certain level the growth becomes much easier and you start getting followers organically. There is the solution of the problem of first thousand followers. You can just buy some 1000-2000 Instagram followers and some 60-240 automatic Instagram likes and video views delivered to every new post from service such as, so your account will look popular by other users right from the start. It won’t deliver you real followers by itself but will help you gain organic growth much faster. If you decide to use or similar service we recommend customizing the audience, choosing proper country and interests for the accounts that will be leaving you likes, watching your videos and becoming your followers. For example, if you’re selling women’s clothes in the U.S., it will make sense for you to get activity from women in the States who are into fashion, instead of from guys in Russia or elsewhere to make your account more convincing.


Get your posts noticed. To expose your Instagram posts to more people you should use geotags and hashtags. Adding geo- and hashtags means your post will show up in tag feed. Make sure to use only relevant and niche hashtags, there’s too much competition for the most common hashtags like #snowboard or #beach and there are few real people discovering them. You’d want to find niche ones and use them only. Now give your posts a boost to the Top posts. Instagram uses pretty simple algorithm for setting posts on top which could be used by you. Your post getting a chance to get to the Top posts by certain hashtag or geotag if it gets a significant amount of likes delivered in a short period of time. Usually 100-300 likes are enough to get to the Top posts. Read more about the method. Sign for automatic likes by or similar service, turn it to the fastest delivery speed and you’ll get each of your posts featured in the Top posts. Make sure to use different hashtags and geotags in consecutive posts, don’t make your posts compete with each other for the place in Top posts category. We don’t recommend buying more than 10,000 followers to your Instagram account and more than 2000 automatic likes or views per post, since you goal is to get real followers, buying followers and automatic likes will give you initial boost, but if you struggle to grow organically after that you should consider going back to Day one step and rethink your unique catchy content strategy.